Queen of the Night

The dark is dangerous. So is the past. So are your dreams.

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This is Shyness

A guy who howls. A girl on a mission to forget.

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Growing Up Asian In Australia

This year I’ve had the lovely opportunity to talk at a few schools about my piece in Growing Up Asian […]

For girls in parks

From the age of eleven to my mid-twenties, I jogged almost every day, and often in parks. When I was […]

This Is Shyness Deleted Chapters #6: Blake

Blake I wake up to find a comic book steepled on my face. I wake up like I’m waking from […]

This Is Shyness Deleted Chapters #5: Paul

There are two big mysteries in this world. Well, there are a few more than two, but let’s just say […]

This Is Shyness Deleted Chapters #4: The Dreamer

Sometimes the fall is long, with enough time enough to see the world streaking around me. Sometimes it’s short, like […]

This Is Shyness Deleted Chapters #3: Guadalupe

  If people ask me – and they always do – what caused the Darkness, I only have one answer […]