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MWF 2013

4 August 2013



It’s that time of year again – Melbourne Writers Festival! I’m so pleased to be taking part again, in two sessions as part of the Schools Program. In Read Any Good Books Lately? I’m going to talk with Nick Earls and Adele Walsh about what we’ve all been reading recently, and the shortlist for the Inky Awards will be announced. I’d ask you all to come along, but I’ve just checked the website, and the session is already sold out. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you and finding out what good books you’ve read this year.
The following day I’ll be appearing with Myke Bartlett and Melissa Keil for Prize Fighters (I have entertained brief notions of appearing in full boxing regalia, but I fear it would be inappropriate for a Melbourne winter). I really enjoyed Fire In the Sea and Life In Outer Space, so I’m looking forward to having some lively chats with my fellow authors and prize winners.Other than the sessions I’m appearing at, the Festival is shaping up to be very exciting. Junot Diaz! Ruth Ozeki! Shaun Tan! Margo Lanagan! Cassandra Golds!Oh, and I saw this competition for Victorian Years 4/5/6 students while checking out the Schools Program page. Imagine how pleased your family would be if you won them plane tickets by writing a story…




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  1. Emma Osborne

    Bugger, you’re sold out!

    I’m totally looking forward to Margo Lanagan and Maryanne M Liu, however.

    • leannehall

      It sold out really quickly! Lucky there is lots of good stuff on 🙂