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13 April 2012

You know who are the best people in the world? Book bloggers! Book bloggers are the best people in the world (although I suppose nurses, teachers, neuroscientists, mechanics, bus drivers, waiters etc. are all OK too).

I never cease to be amazed by the world of YA book blogging; it’s full of passionate readers who are funny, creative, opinionated, dedicated, supportive and more than a little bit nuts.

Cases in point:

YA Anonymous, who not only reviewed This Is Shyness and Queen of the Night, but who had a kind of Shynessapalooza a few weeks back. There was an amazing, amazing drawing of Wolfboy and Wildgirl  that had me dreaming of a Shyness graphic novel; a soundtrack (that was spookily attuned to my music tastes – here are my own This Is Shyness and Queen of the Night playlists); and then to cap things off, Maggie and Noelle got the best, BEST, The Long Blinks bracelets made. Seriously, what did I do to deserve wonderful readers like these?

Meanwhile, over at weartheoldcoat, Jo reviewed This Is Shyness and provided both songs and pictures of quiffy boys to look at. Visual and aural stimulation! Maree read along and got in on the action as well! I could not agree more with her Aaron Johnson/Wolfboy suggestion.

Let it be on public record: should any of you ladies ever make it to Melbourne, you will get a personalised Shyness tour of my hometown. On bike. At night. Leopard print onesies and glamour turbans optional.



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