Queen of the Night

The dark is dangerous. So is the past. So are your dreams.

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This is Shyness

A guy who howls. A girl on a mission to forget.

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Leanne Hall is the author of two novels for young adults: This Is Shyness and its sequel, Queen of the Night. 

Leanne Hall was born in Melbourne and has lived there most of her life. She began her writing career with short stories, some of which have been published in Sleepers AlmanacMeanjin and Best Australian Stories. She won The Text Prize in 2009 with her debut novel This Is Shyness.




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  1. Zoya Kovacs

    Hi Leanne,
    Are you planning on writing another book in the ‘this is shyness’ series? And I also just wanted to say I love your books! I love how you used the names Wolfboy and Wildgirl!
    Thank you,

    • leannehall

      Hi Zoya,
      I’m so pleased you enjoyed my books! Quite a few people have asked me if there’s going to be a third book in the Shyness world. I think I wrote another cliffhanger in Queen of the Night without even meaning to.
      I don’t have any immediate plans to write a third Shyness book, but I also wouldn’t rule it out for the future. I think if Wildgirl and Wolfboy start talking to me again, and telling me what they’ve been doing recently, then I’ll have to go back to Shyness. So: not right now, but maybe later.
      The names `Wolfboy’ and `Wildgirl’ were how This Is Shyness got started. I found them on a strange list of supernatural creatures and loved the sound of them together.
      Thanks for your question!

  2. Lani

    Hello Leanne,
    Just wondering, do you listen to M83? Because some of the music described in the books sounds like M83 and they have a song called “Queen of the Night” …

    • leannehall

      Hi Lani,
      You are very, very perceptive! I did listen to some M83 while I was writing Shyness and Queen, but somehow I had no idea they had a song called `Queen of the Night’! I only knew about the famous aria, and the flowers. I have made some playlists of music I listened to while writing my books, here: http://8tracks.com/lilymandarin , but of course, that’s far from comprehensive. I even made Wolfie and Wildgirl playlists to listen to when I was alternating between writing chapters from each of their points of view. I got quite nervous when describing the music in the books, it felt like a difficult thing to do, and lyrics? Don’t get me started on lyrics! So hard to write!

  3. André

    Hi Leanne,

    What is your favourite kind of dinosaur?

    And would you prefer to have that dinosaur with you on a desert island or at a dinner party along with some famous guests?

    Kind regards,


    • leannehall

      Dear Andre,

      Thank you for asking me this extremely pertinent question.
      My favourite dinosaur is the Plesiosaur (obviously).
      It had a very pleasingly plump and streamlined body, and I like to imagine it would have swum with the grace of a (very enormous, potentially vicious) otter.
      A close runner up would have to be an Archaeopteryx (again, obviously, and let’s not quibble about whether or not it’s a dinosaur or merely a prehistoric bird).
      Given that plesiosaurs are most at home in the water, I would have to invite it to the desert island. It simply would not be comfortable in a tuxedo at the dinner table (I require quite high standards of dress at my dinner parties).
      I truly hope that my humble answers have settled your mind on this issue.

      Best regards to you,

  4. Sophia

    Hey Leanne.
    I come from Germany.
    Your Book are very cool but do you know when queen of the night came to germany.
    I’ll read this .
    I hope you can help me.
    In love

    • leannehall

      Dear Sophia, I’m so pleased you liked Die Nacht Von Shyness (I like to say the German title in my terribly Australian accent). I really love that my first book is translated into German, and I especially love the hardcover with glow-in-the-dark paint! At this stage I don’t think there are any plans for Queen of the Night to also be published in Germany – at least none that I know of! Maybe you can write to the publisher and ask! Put in a good word for me! Thanks so much for writing to me, Leanne x

  5. Abbey

    Hey Leanne!
    i came across your book on the internet by chance and i am so glad i did, I loved This is Shyness and was even more delighted that there was a sequel 🙂 Both your books are amazing.

    i was wondering are you planning on writing other series after Shyness for YA?
    if you were that would be great:) Wolfboy and wildgirl are the best characters by the way, they have heaps of depth and (a few) flaws which i love cause it makes them feel real.

    Even a novel or short story would be good 😉

    lots of admiration/appreciation :3

    • leannehall

      Dear Abbey,

      Thanks so much for saying hello! It means a lot to hear that you enjoyed Shyness and Queen; it’s really the kind of thing that keeps an author going, to know that there are people out there connecting with what you wrote.

      At the moment I’m working on two books – one a fantasy slightly-younger-YA novel, and the other a contemporary, realist, much older YA novel (read, sex, drugs and rock n roll, and real life! nothing but real life with no weirdo elements – it’s never happened before in my writing!)

      But I have been toying with the idea of making an e-book containing all my published short stories, AND I’ve also been thinking about posting deleted chapters from This Is Shyness (these are chapters told from the p.o.v. of characters other than Wolfboy and Wildgirl). You know, if you say the word, maybe I’ll just do it…like very, very soon…

      Leanne x

  6. Zoe

    Hi Leanne,

    I just wanted to say that when you visited our school, I really enjoyed it 🙂
    Originally, I expected you to be a bit strange – not because of your books, but every author I’ve known has been! But I thought you were lovely.
    And even if whatever I want to be in the future doesn’t turn out to be an author, what you talked about really inspired me to just do whatever I want to do in life.

    Thank you so much!


    • leannehall

      Hi Zoe,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write – I am so pleased I passed your weird test (although not sure how I managed it!) I do sometimes think writers are a bit different. You should see what we are like at parties.
      I’m so pleased that what I said hit the spot with you. I wish someone had told me similar things when I was at high school, which is why I make sure to say it.
      Go forth and do amazing things!

      Leanne x

  7. Grace Reader

    Hey Leanne,

    I just read your book This Is Shyness and absolutely loved it.
    Some of my friends said that it sounded strange, but strange is where all the best books come from, right?
    I’m reading Queen of the Night and again such a thrilling and exciting book.
    I hope that you keep on writing any books ’cause you are a fantastic writer and I can’t wait for what comes next.
    Thanks so much for these books!

    Grace 😀

    • leannehall

      Hi Grace! What a lovely message! I’m so pleased you enjoyed This Is Shyness, and even MORE pleased that you liked it enough to read Queen of the Night. I’m working hard on two books right now, and hope I can get them on the shelf soon.
      And I totally agree about the strange. Strange is good. Strange is my middle name (not really).
      Leanne x

  8. Ruby

    Hi Leanne,
    I was wondering if u could possibly give me a description of what u think wildgirl looks like?

    • leannehall

      Hi Ruby,
      I always had it in mind that Wildgirl looks like Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes…but that’s just me! I’ve talked to readers who have a completely different idea.
      Leanne x

  9. Shreshth Saharan

    Dear Leanne,

    You might remember me from the SMC retreat, I was wondering if you were going to write any fantasy or very adventurous books any time soon. Though your book are all ready awesome, I just like fantasy a bit more. Good luck in writing!!! 🙂


    • leannehall

      Hi Shreshth, I do remember you! Thanks for writing to me…I had a lot of fun at the SMC retreat and you all did such great work. I do have an idea for a fantasy book, maybe even a series, but my idea is pretty complicated. I really want to write it, but I think it’s going to take a lot of planning and research, so I might write my next few books first before tackling it.

  10. Sabrina NICHOLLS.

    Hi Leanne I was recently at one of your lectures and you showed the group a photo of tow girls and a flower I just wanted to know what that painting was called

    • leannehall

      Hi! The painting is called `Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ and it was painted by Dorothea Tanning. I can look at it for hours and not get bored!

  11. Lola@Australia,NSW,Sydney

    HI Leanne,

    I am meant to do a report on an author and i chose you (because you wrote my favorite book(Iris and the Tiger))
    Could you Please tell me how many awards hove you won/been nominated for Iris and the Tiger

    • leannehall

      Hi Lola,
      I’m so pleased that you like Iris and the Tiger! It hasn’t won or been nominated for any awards yet, but this can sometimes happen a bit later, often more than a year after the book comes out. I like being nominated for awards, but I like getting messages saying it’s your favourite book even more 🙂 I hope your report goes well.
      Leanne x

  12. Krystal

    Hi Leanne,

    I am meant to do a book report and I choose Queen of the Night.
    Could you please tell me why do you use single quotation marks in dialogues instead of double quotation marks?

    23 March 2017

    • leannehall

      Hi Krystal, good question! I used to always use double quotation marks for dialogue, until I was told by a series of experienced editors that it was WRONG! Single quotation marks are actually the standard and accepted way to mark your dialogue in Australia. Which is the opposite of what I was told at school. Is that the case with you? Or are you in the US? Double marks are the standard there (I think).
      Ps. Thanks for choosing Queen of the Night for your book report!

  13. Ashleigh.P

    Hey Leanne Hall what’s your age in 2017 and my favourite book is Iris And The Tiger please make this quick because I’m in Melbourne and I’m doing a book review on Iris and The Tiger

    • leannehall

      Hi Ashleigh, I’m so pleased you liked Iris and the Tiger! I am 39 years old. Good luck with your book review.

  14. Ashleigh.P

    Hey I’m Sherrin Ashleigh’s sister anyway I have 2 questions 1 is what was your dream job or the job you most admire and the other one is which country are you in?
    My sister is obsessed with the 2 books we both hope you publish various more.

    • leannehall

      Hi Sherrin, good questions…my dream job is actually being a writer, although I also still work for a bookshop, and that is also an excellent job (even though I buy too many books). A job I admire is anyone who works in hospitals. And I am in Australia. I hope to have a new book out soon, but I do write quite slowly!